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We stock 15 degree wire collated ring nails in both bright and galvanized finishes, loose nails (25kg cartons) in either bright round wire or ring shank, and a range of nailers to suit.

Our 15 degree ring shank coil nails are compatible with all coil nailers in use within the UK/Europe.
19*3.05mm Galv roofing (7200pcs/CTN)
25*2.10mm (16000pcs/CTN)
25*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN) 
32*2.10mm Galv (16000pcs/CTN)
32*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN)
38*2.10mm (16000pcs/CTN)
38*2.10mm Galv (16000pcs/CTN) 
38*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN)
40*2.10mm Galv (16000pcs/CTN)
40*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN)
45*2.10mm Galv (16000pcs/CTN)
45*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN)
50*2.10mm Galv cone (16000pcs/CTN) 
50*2.50mm (12000pcs/CTN) 
65*2.50mm (9600pcs/CTN) 
75*2.87mm (6000pcs/CTN)  
83*3.05mm (4500pcs/CTN)  
90*3.30mm (4500pcs/CTN) 
120*3.80mm twist DP (1500pcs/CTN) 
Ring Shank MQ (25kg/500kg) available in the following sizes:
35/40/45*3.10mm sliced point 
38*2.50mm ring shank DP
45*2.65mm smooth sliced point
50*2.50mm ring shank DP
50*3.10mm ring shank BC
50*3.35mm ring shank DP
65*3.35mm ring shank DP 
75*3.35mm ring shank DP
75*3.10mm ring shank DP 
75*3.75mm ring shank DP 
Smooth Shank/Round Wire DP MQ (25kg) available in the following sizes:
40*3.35mm       75*3.35mm & Triple Galv
45*3.35mm       75*3.75mm
50*3.35mm       90*3.75mm
60*3.35mm       100*4.00mm & Triple Galv
65*3.35mm       115*4.00mm
70*3.35mm       125*5.00mm






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